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Brake Fluid Flush Brake Fluid Flush

Brake Fluid Flush

Brake Fluid does not last forever, make sure to change it every two years! Simcoe County Chrysler in Orillia, Ontario can assist.

Simcoe County Chrysler in Orillia, Ontario, will check and change auto brake fluid as needed.

Simcoe County Chrysler in Orillia, Ontario recommends that brake fluids should be changed by a professional every two years to maintain your vehicle's brakes system.

The Globe & Mail says:
"Given the high cost of certain brake components, the peace of mind gained through this relatively inexpensive procedure makes it worthwhile. As a side note, this is not a do-it-yourself procedure. The extremely high pressures generated by modern anti- lock brake systems can put you at great risk of injury if you fail to follow the servicing procedure to the letter.

Many experts have long recommend changing the brake fluid every year or two for preventative maintenance. Their rationale is based on the fact that glycol-based brake fluid starts to absorb moisture from the moment it is put in the system. The fluid attracts moisture through microscopic pores in rubber hoses, past seals and exposure to the air. The problem is obviously worse in wet climates where humidity is high.

After only a year of service, the brake fluid in the average vehicle may contain as much as two percent water. After 18 months, the level of contamination can be as high as three percent. And after several years of service, it is not unusual to find brake fluid that contains as much as seven to eight percent water.

Contact your manufacturer or visit your dealer service centre for further clarification on when to change your brake fluid. If in doubt, stop at any brake or repair shop, where they can determine if the fluid requires changing with a simple litmus test."

Bring in your vehicle to Simcoe County Chrysler in Orillia, Ontario and we will service your brakes and inspect and change the brake fluid as required. We ensure that your vehicle is working properly to keep you safe on the road.

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Last Updated On: August 22, 2016