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Vehicle Water Pump Service Vehicle Water Pump Service

Vehicle Water Pump Service

Your vehicle's water pump is essential for the operation of your car or truck. Don't take risks, Simcoe County Chrysler in Orillia, Ontario can assit!

Simcoe County Chrysler services and repairs automotive water pumps in Orillia, Ontario

Your vehicle's water pump is in constant use inside your engine. It allows the engine to endure the intense heat that internal combustion produces. When your engine is on, the water pump circulates coolant, or antifreeze in the cylinder head and the engine block to cool the engine down.

When it comes to water pump longevity, they tend to last a long time if properly cared for. Water pumps are driven by the timing belt, or an accessory drive belt that spins a pulley outside of the pump which turns the internal impeller. On different makes and models of cars, these belts can last anywhere between 96,000 to 145,000 kilometers. It is recommended that your engine's water pump be replaced when the timing belt is serviced.
Water pumps typically fail one of two ways: the shaft seal starts to leak, or the impeller inside breaks, comes loose or the blades erode and wear down.

When a water pump starts to leak, the cooling system will lose coolant. If the leak is not discovered, the loss of coolant will eventually cause the engine to overheat. The drive may not realize anything is wrong until the temperature warning light comes on. If this happens to you, shut the engine off immediately. Severe engine damage can result if an overheating engine is driven too far. If the engine has overheated, the entire cooling system (radiator, hoses, water pump and engine) must all be inspected to see if there are any coolant leaks. If coolant is leaking out of the water pump shaft or vent hole, the water pump needs to be replaced. Cooling system sealer cannot stop this kind of leak.

Simcoe County Chrysler will service your drive belt and water pump in Orillia, Ontario. Come in and book your appointment today!

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Last Updated On: August 22, 2016