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Wiper Blade Replacement

Wiper Blade Replacement

It is important to have the correct wiper blades for your vehicle for driving safety in winter Simcoe County Chrysler in Orillia, Ontario can assist.

Visit Simcoe County Chrysler in Orillia, Ontario when you need wiper blade replacements

Here are some tips for wiper blade replacement, and remember to replace them in pairs:

Check your wiper blade size. Some vehicles use different-size wipers for the driver and passenger sides. Simcoe County Chrysler in Orillia, Ontario can look up your wiper blade size for you, or you can check your owner's manual for what type of wiper blades came with your car. Many new cars come with newer beam-style wiper blades as original equipment. You may need to replace these with another beam blade; a bulkier, traditional bracket-style wiper blade might not fit.

Check your wiper blade connectors. Most new cars use easy, hook-style wiper blade connectors.

Rubber or silicone? Most wiper blades are made of rubber, and this old standby still works great; in one leading wiper blade test, all of the top performers are rubber. (Teflon-coated wiper blades didn't show any advantage in tests.) Pricier silicone wiper blades are favored by car enthusiasts (they look sleeker) and off-roaders (they shrug off heavy mud and dirt).

Get expert advice and quick installation service on wiper blades that fit for your car or truck at Simcoe County Chrysler in Orillia, Ontario.

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